User Manual for Echo Clean™ Natural Bleach Alternative

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Product IntroductionProduct Introduction.png

Parts List

- (1) Bottle Base, Body, and Top

- (1) Type C to Type A USB Charging Cable

- (1) Salt Spoon

- (1) User Manual



In order to prevent injury to users or other persons and to avoid property damage, please be sure to observe the following.

  • If any abnormal sound, smell, or high temperature is found, please stop using it immediately.
  • Do not operate the machine or plug/unplug the power supply cord with damp hands.
  • Please turn off the machine and unplug the USB cable before maintenance work.
  • Do not clean the machine with gasoline, alcohol, or other chemical solvent. 
  • Do not use the machine under high temperatures and humidity.
  • Do not use this product in a flammable and explosive environment or air with corrosive or metallic particles.
  • Do not use this disinfectant together with other solvents.
  • Dispose of the unspent disinfectant timely, clean it with clear water, and then keep it dry.
  • Since pressure is produced during operation, do not tighten the sprayer while the machine is in the cleaning cycle.
  • Do not dismantle, repair, or renovate this product.
  • The battery shall be disposed of properly.
    • The user shall not replace the battery without permission.
    • Remove the battery before disposing of the product.
    • Open the battery cover with a screwdriver and then take out the battery.
    • Cut off the power supply when removing the battery.

Precautions specific to Sodium Hypochlorite (NaCl)

  • For the unspent disinfectant, please keep it in a dark place and out of reach of children.
  • Do not spray it into the respiratory system of a human or animal or inhale it directly.
  • Do not drink the disinfectant.
  • Do not heat this disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite).
  • Do not spray this disinfectant on the skin.
  • Do not touch the water in the machine after powered on.
  • Do not use this disinfectant together with other acidic cleaners (such as toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, bathroom cleaner, etc.)
  • The disinfectant has a bleaching action with fabric, please use it with caution for colorful or dark-colored clothes. Do not soak the real silk and leather with this disinfectant.
  • Do not put salt in the machine and keep it idle for a long period, do not put electrolytic sodium hypochlorite in the machine for a long period (no more than 7 days).
  • Let it rest 5 minutes in-between generating the disinfectant.

Recommendations for Accident

Eye Contact: Raise the eyelid and seek medical advice after rinsing it with running water or saline.

Eaten by mistake: See medical advice after emesis with enough warm water. 


No drinking

Warm Prompt: It is recommended to freshly make the disinfectant and use it in time.


Water Droplet.PNG How to Use

Use Method 1.png

Hypochlorous Acid (HoCl)

1. Fill with Tap water (do not use filtered, RO, or distilled) The chlorine in the water will assists in activation.

2.  Press the power button, and the beep sounds for one time, at this moment the indicator light at the base will flash with changing color lights, which indicates the machine works normally.

3. After making the disinfectant, the machine will stop working automatically, when the buzzer sounds three times, which indicates the disinfectant is available to use.


Sodium Hypochlorite (NaCl)

  1. Check if any foreign matter in the bottle.
  2. Put one spoon of salt in the measuring glass (do not go beyond the edge of the spoon)
    Use 1.png

  3. Put an appropriate amount of water into the measuring glass, and mix it until the salt dissolves in the water completely.

  4. Put the dissolved salt water in the bottle, pour clean water into the maximum water line, and then tighten the sprayer.
    Use 2.png

  5. Shake the machine and mix the saline evenly before powering it on, press the power button at the base, with the buzzer sounding one time, the indicator light will flash with changing color lights, and bubbles appear in the bottle, which indicates the machine works normally. 
    Use 3.png

  6. The base is the generator for sodium hypochlorite (non-water-proofing), which can not be rinsed with water nor soaked in water. 
    Use 4.png

Low battery tips and charging

  1. Low battery
    - When the red indicator light flashes for 5 seconds during machine operation, which indicates low battery and charging is required.

  2.  Machine Charging
    Use Method 2.png
    *The indicator light will work as a red breathing light, which goes off when charging is completed.
    *The machine can be used with battery power (the machine is powered on during charging) or used after charging is completed (the machine is powered off during charging). 

Brief Introduction of Sodium Hypochlorite 

  1. Function of Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant 
         The disinfectant produced by this machine is sodium hypochlorite, which is commonly used. This user manual only lists part of the applications.
         Sodium Hypochlorite disinfectant is an efficient broad-spectrum fungicide recognized in the world, which has extensive and long-term use. It effectively kills various germs and viruses. It efficiently prevents diseases, such as hepatitis and flu. In addition, it also degrades a variety of harmful chemical substances, such as pesticide residue on vegetables and fruit. It kills various pests, such as mycete that produces aflatoxin. it also has a strong function of cleaning, bleaching, stain removal, and odor removal. Therefore, sodium hypochlorite is not only applied in the household but also widely applied in various industries for disinfecting, sterilizing, algae removal, and odor removal.

  2. Generating Principle of Sodium Hypochlorite
        By Electrolyzing saline (Nacl solution), it will produce chlorine at the anode, meanwhile it produces sodium hydroxide in the solution. Chlorine is soluble in water, and generate sodium hypochlorite after reacting with sodium hydroxide.
    Generating Principle of sodium hypochlorite.png

Water Droplet.PNG Product Specification

Product Name: Echo Clean

Product Mode: XD-S01

Rated Voltage: DC5V

Rated Charging Current: 1A

Rated Power: 5W

Batteries: 3.7V  1800mAh

Capacity: 350ml

Product Weight: 275g

Product Size: Length89xWidth89xHeight288mm

*Improvement of product specification, appearance, and design shall not offer prior notice.


Water Droplet.PNG Maintenance 

  1. Whenever the generator finishes working, the disinfectant in the bottle shall be cleaned timely, and the bottle shall be cleaned with water, and then kept dry to extend the service life.

  2. When the bubbles in the electrolytic tank reduce obviously, it indicates dirt on the electrode. After the bottle is cleaned, pour white vinegar or edible sodium citrate into the bottle and wait for 1-2 hours, shake the bottle, then pour it out, and clean it with water again, then keep it dry in a ventilated place. *Do not rinse the base with water or soak it in water.

Water Droplet.PNG Troubleshooting

Common Troubleshooting guide

Phenomenon To be confirmed Solution
No any operations by pressing the power switch The power indicator is in flashing status Please unplug the AC and Adapter, and consult at sales shop of our customer service.
Minimum bubbles The bubbles reduce obviously during operation

1. To check if there is dirt on the electrode of the base

2. Contact customer service if failure is still not removed

Leaking Between the bottle and base

1. unscrew the base and check the seal to make sure it is appropriately aligned (not twisted)

2. Screw the base back on, tightly. Leaking will happen if the base is not tightly screwed on. Video-Echo Clean Bottle Tightening

Sprayer The head isn't working/spraying

Contact customer support

Echo Clean Unboxing

What is the difference between Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) for the Echo Clean – Echo Water (


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